Notice of race Pantaenius Bohusracet 2017.

Competition: Pantaenius Bohusracet              
Date: 29 juni -2 juli 2017
Organizer: SS Viken-Ägir, Uddevalla, Sweden.

1. Rules

1.1 The competition is carried out in accordance with the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Appendix S and SRS rules. During the time between 22:30 and 03:30 there is only valid International roals at sea and the Swedish Maritime Traffic Regulations.
1.2 The recommended safety level is in accordance with "the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 2017, Category 4 monohulls / Multihulls. However, it is a minimum requirement to meet the requirements of safety regulation on
1.3 Competitors must follow the SSF licensing rules for advertising.
1.4 All boats shall in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 display advertising and provided by the organizer in the form of two bow decals. Boats with delicate hull side can be exempted.
1.5 A boat that violates KSR 55 can be punished in the manner protest committee finds appropriate (DPI). KSR 36 does not apply.
1.6 The competition is open to the following SRS classes:
Boats with an SRS number from 0,800 in the standard table for SRS-number.
1.7 A boat with an alternative SRS certificate for racing without downwind sails must be reported without such sails.
This should have been notified no later than 7 days before the start.
Boat with SRS shorthanded (SRSs) can use this.
1.8 Deduction of SRS multihull according SRS Appendix 1.3 does not apply. Since it is not possible to assess the wind speed during the race.

1.9 Any restrictions of herd size class craft class rules do not apply.
1.10 A competitor who left the shore must wear personal flotation devices. This does not apply to short-term replacement or adjustment of clothing or personal equipment when the competitor is in port or under deck. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal flotation devices. This changes KSR 40. A boat that violates this rule may be warned or punished in the manner of protest come-committee considers appropriate.
1.11 The preferred level of security is in accordance with "the ISAF Offshore Special Reuglations, Category 4 monohulls / Multihulls. However, it is a minimum requirement to meet the requirements of safety regulation on
"Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper lookout, both by sight and hearing as with any other available and under the prevailing circumstances and conditions means, so that a complete assessment of the situation and the risk of collision can be done."
1.12 Maximum 2 crew must be on board. A few boats could possibly come sail with an extra media person on board. He/She must not in any way help with the sailing of the boat, or service crew in any way during the competition itself.
1.13 Rule 52 does not apply to this race.
1.14 Electronic equipment for navigation and communication may be used even if a classboats class rules prohibit such.
1:15 Autopilot and instrumentation: All kinds of electronic devices are allowed, including the autopilot, provided that the International roals at sea, Subpart B - Governance - and sailing rules. Rule 5 - Lookout provides

2. Eligibility to compete.
2.1 The person on board who has the responsibility must be a member of a club that is connected to their national authority.
2.2 Each participating boat shall have a liability insurance.
2.3 Competitors participate in the regatta compete at their own risk. See KSR 4, Decision to Race. It is up to the participants themselves decide to start or cancel stop racing. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury as no sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the race.
2.4 Transponder Tracker system must be on board and be connected to a battery. It must be charged and put on the entire race.
3. Instrumentation and equipment
3.1 Each crew must, before the start, fill in and sign a security declaration. This declaration must be submitted to the Race Office before start. If not doing so this boat will be counted as non-starters.
3.2 A boat or its equipment can be checked at any time in respect CONFORMITY with the class rules and sailing instructions. Race committee or a measurer can provide a boat for a special measure area.

4. Information to participants
4.1 Information to participants posted on the official notice board the race office, located at Folkets hus - Race center.
4.2 At the finish in Smögen, information will be posted on the official notice board at the racing office. (2:nd floor by Göstas Fisk).

5. Signals showed at Shore
5.1 Signals displayed on land in the signal mast located outside the contest expedition.
5.2 When flag AP is displayed ashore replaced "a minute" in the race signal AP the "earliest 60 minutes."
5.2  Start Signals displayed on the start boat which is situated outside the harbor entrance to Uddevalla.
6. Schedule

6.1 Registration Thursday 29/6 from 14:00 to 20:00, and the 30/6 between kl.07:00 to 09:00 at Folkets hus – Race center in Uddevalla.

Skippers meeting. Thursday 31/6 19:00 Folkets hus – Race center

  • Time warning signal, group 1 - 08:55 Start of group 1 at 09:00
  • Time warning signal, Lewmar, 09:55 - Start of group 2 at 10:00
  • Time warning signal, Pantaenius, 10:55 - Start of group 3 at 11:00
  • Time warning signal, Seasea, 12:55 - Start of group 4 at 13:00
  • Time warning signal, group 5, 13:55 - Start of group 5 at 14:00
  • Time warning signal, group 6 + 7, 14:55 - Start of group 6 at 15:00 

6.2 Price Ceremony, if the majority of the boats will finish over night to Sunday and the left being not can affect the end result, will take place at 11:00 am on Sunday 2 juni outside or inside the race center in Smögen. If this is not possible, it will take place on the SSVÄ's annual meeting in November.
6.3 Changes to the sailing instructions will be posted by 29 june 19:00

6.4 Changes in the schedule will be posted by 29 june 19:00

7.   Class Flags and starting procedure
Class - time - starting flag

• Start Group 1 - 09:00 - D
• Start Group Lewmar - 10:00  - E
• Start Group Pantaenius - 11:00 - F
• Start Group Seasea - 13:00 - G
• Start Group 5 - 14:00 - H
• Start Group 6 + 7 - 15:00 - J

Class flag is used only at startup procedure. Need not be used on the boat.

8. Racing Area
8.1 The racing is carried out in the waters along the west coast starting west of Skeppsviken in Uddevalla and finish at the entrance to Smögens port.

9. Line (Banskiss Annex)
The following marks shall be passed

  • Start West Skeppsviken
  • Ljungskile bay, starboard rounding of the red flag nort iland of Ljungsholmen, - Sprinting Price!                          
  • Hättebergets lighthouse south and west of N 57 ° 51.87 'E 11 ° 27.53'
  • Valön (Fjällbacka) East of N 58 ° 35.84 'E 11 ° 06.16'
  • Dannhomen, Fjällback West of Furholmen (Strömstad) East of N 58 ° 56.00 'E 11 ° 9:49'
  • Tresteinene Norway North of Port Rounding N 59 ° 1:53 ', E 10 ° 53.89'
  • Island Sadlen East of N 58° 41.37', E 11° 10.34'
  • Mjölskärsfyr lighthouse (Soteskären) East of N 58 ° 24.85 'E 11 ° 11.69'
  • Lighthouse Skarvasätt (West Side Smögen) west of N 58 ° 21.84 'E 11 ° 12:49'
  • Finishline the inlet to Smögenshamn N 58 ° 21 ' E 11 ° 13'
NOTE! The coordinates should not be used for navigation

9.1 Race limitation / prohibited areas, Navigations Warnings
Navigations warning, Uddevallabron. 3 Yellow buoys mark the border of the shallow water on the south side of the strait.

  • Navigations Warning, South Stångens light. Yellow buoy marks the shallow water.
  • No passage between islands  ”Dirhuvud-h:na and mainland. West of Ljungskile.
  • Navigations Warning, Wave power plant, North west lighthouse ”Hållö” (N 58° 23', E 11° 08')
  • Prohibited areas, No racing with in green marked aereas, West of “Havstensund” (N 58° 44', E 11° 08')

Consideration should be given to the protection areas that are on the track and where sailing is not allowed within a certain distance from these islands.

10 Marks
10.1 Rounding marks are islands and existing navigation marks exept rounding in Ljundskile bay is a red flag north/East of island Ljungsholmen.

11. The start
11.1 The starting line is between the two yellow cylindrical buoys. The start is from the direction west from Uddevalla. With the modification of KSR 26 the following start

  • 10 minutes - Orange Flag
  • 5 minutes - Class flag with numbers 5,4,3,2,1 appears- Signal
  • 4 minutes - Class flag with the numbers 4,3,2,1 appears- Signal
  • 3 minutes - Class flag with the numbers 3,2,1 appears
  • 2 minutes - Class flag with numbers 2,1 appears
  • 1 minutes - Class flag with the number 1 appears- Signal
  • 0 min/start - all flags are taken away- Signal

11.2 A boat that did not start in 30 minutes after her starting signal.
does not count as starters (DNS). It is a departure from the KSR A4.

13. Penalty
13.1 720 degree turn will be used.
13.2 Boats that are on the course side of the starting line to early and do not return to start properly receive a time penalty of 30 minutes of the sailed time.

14. Time Limit
The finish line is open until 11:00 on Sunday, 2/7-2016.

15. Finish Line / Finish
15. 1 A line between the two yellow cylindrical buoys on the outside of Smögen port pier.
15.2 The mainsail must be lighted by a powerful flashlight at the finish in the dark to facilitate the identification of the boat.

16. Protests and requests for redress
16.1 Protests must be submitted to the race office before the protest deadline. Protest time is 60 minutes after the competitors has received a reasonable time to sail into the port. Protest deadline time will be put on the notice board.
16.2 Calling to the protest hearing, the time and place of the hearing, takes place at the race office in Smögen by telephone / SMS. Therefore provide a mobile number on the protest form
16.3 Information in accordance with KSR 61.1b of protests by the race committee or protest committee takes place through grants.

17 Safety
17.1 A boat starts but is deleted and a boat that did not come to the start shall notify the race committee about it as soon as possible to the SMS number +46707159339
Send the message as follows: start number and cause.
17.2 A boat racing shall be equipped in such a way that a shorter offshore race can be conducted without jeopardizing the safety of participants. It's up to the skipper on each boat to ensure that this point is complied with.
17.3 The contestants are recommended to use VHF channel 68 as the communication channel between the boats, if desired. ( Not watch by race office)

18 Helmsman Declaration
18.1 Helmsman Declaration shall be submitted to the Race Office in Smögen after the finish.
18.2 Engine may be used solely to charge the batteries on board the boat. If the engine has been used for charging, time shall be recorded in the helmsman declaration.
Date: 2017-06-24

Starting line.

The course